lunedì 28 maggio 2007

Political Revolution in Japan: Kanako Otsuji, lesbian view at the Parlament

She's 32 years old and she won the political election in the Osaka area in the 2003. She's a Democratic Party's politician and she's a lesbian woman. In april Otsuji refused to take part in local election bucause she confessed to have a more big project for Japan's administrative future. She is getting ready to the national election! She wants a seat in the Japanese Parlament (国会 ) to defend LGBT rights and social equality. In Japan is still very difficult for a woman to keep an importan position in the political structure and probably it seems impossibile for a lesbian woman to menage to do some revolutional acts in the name of democracy and social equality. But according to several journalistic analisys, Otsuji has become very popular recently with young people and women. By this reason, DPJ's central administration decided to help Otsuji in her political race.

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