venerdì 25 maggio 2007

From North Corea another threat

Missiles. It's not the first time for Japan but was from 13th of february, when was signed the six party agreement about the north corean nuclear threat, that the situation appeared to be changed. But after the strict silence from Tokyo about the PyongYang's refuse to resolve the kidnapping question, the dialog beetween Japan and North Corea became so hard that now nothing is clear... no words... no development about six party policy... no relationship. But today an answer from the sky. Several Missiles on the Sea Of Japan... and japanese people what do they think? what do they feel? When I was in Tokyo I saw many times that japanaese people was protesting against Abe's Policy and about his project to change constitution and develope Japan in a new role on the Asia view...
今ちょっと日本人の意見を読みたいんだけど。僕の日本人の友達は日本の社会には政治のことにあまり気にしないと言っていたけど今日のような問題がある時は何も言わないことは無理だと思うよ。 僕が書いた記事読みたかったらリンクはこちらだけど全部イタリア語で書いてあるんだけどもしいったら日本語とか英語に翻訳しておくよ。
My last analysis about the North Corea and Japan crisis, and in particular on today missiles matter is available on this link

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