venerdì 18 maggio 2007

Japan between stress, economic growing and suicide

It's a very popular argument. When we consider Japan, immediately our immagination thinks about its huge capital with its frenetic life's rhytm. Probably it'll be a fascinating image that could be very attractive socially and culturally. I think so but behind this fashionable screen we have to reflect on a deep problem that's still inside japanese society. The number of suicedes is growing too fast. It's not simply a cultural matter or a sad situation gone out by some social communication difficulty , but I think it's really yet an economic structural problem. In my last analisys, published today on Corriere Asia, you can read my opinion about the involving of economic and working sphere in personal japanese lifes. Besides we'd reflect togheter on a very pregnant element: how the working structure change created from 10 years ago by government is still influencing contemporary lifes of millions of japanese workers.

If you have any interest you can read my article. But sorry it's in italian. English and japanese versions are available.

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