venerdì 1 giugno 2007

The Interview: Fabio Cavalera, Italian Corrispondent in Beijing

It was a special opportunity for me to interview Mr Fabio Cavalera, corrispondent in Beijing for Corriere della Sera, the popular italian newspaper . Fortunatly Cavalera was in Italy when I searched him. He was promoting his first book on China economic revolution. "Il manager dei bagni pubblici (ed altre storie di vita cinese)", this is the title of the book, it's not an essay but a documentary-book which explains directly about the economic revolution from '78 by the personal point of view of several protagonists. "I haven't any particular interest on the essay production" said Mr Cavalera " In my opinion it's impossibile to describe in strong and sure way what it' s China today, because tommorow probably will be already different".
I asked him what's the China's truth and lie. "The only truth is that China is impredictable. And its uncertain situation is in my opinion the best fascinating aspect; besides the lie consists of an apparent capitalist structure" said Cavalera.
On the journalist's view China today it's not a real Capitalism, but it's already between a strict government system and a collective resources system.

You can read the whole interview in italian on this link

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