mercoledì 23 maggio 2007

- Manga International Award -

It could sound as an usual event about the popular and be in fashion view of manga and animation production by Japan. We can list several Manga Awards that from Japan had become very populars with teenagers and manga's fans over the world. Infact, this time, about the last Manga award news that're bouncing today on the japanese press ,unlike the common competitions, is promoted by the Foreign Affair Minister, Taro Aso, the most popular manga reader on the japanese political view. For the first time foreigners too will be able to take part in the competition and try to win the award. For the winner, It'll rapresent a real opportunity to be introduced in the japanese manga's market.

You can read all the informations on the my article at the following link. Sorry It's in Italian but English and Japanese versions are available on request.


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