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Chinese Contemporary Art - Liu Bolin In Italy- 2010

In Tokyo, Paolo Cacciato: I'm very pleased to introduce here on my blog the last project mediated by, Asian Studies Group, multidisciplinary social promotion association in collaboration with Italy China Foundation and produced by Boxart Gallery. Hiding in Italy 2010 is a visual - photo production focused on one of most controversial artists on chinese contemporary art's view. Liu Bolin nowadays is really popular in China and he was introced on his first time in Italy for a shooting - tribute in Verona by Boxart Gallery in 2008. This year we've done our best offering to Liu Bolin a more deep cultural opportunity to realize his artistic research in our country. Last April, the artist visited Venice and Milan and selected particular locations for his new shooting that is going to get shape on important photo exhibition in Milan, like the first real national exhibition by Liu Bolin in Italy.


It was big surprise for me know that Bolin is famous in Japan as well. Indeed on several japanese blogsites it's possible to see his most famous shoots. I loved to find out several photos selected by his first experience in Verona

Japanese Blogsite about Liu Bolin

as follows you can read official press release for Hiding in Italy.

MILANO & VERONA: On the occasion of Liu Bolin’s return to Italy, two years after his first residency programme, Boxart is promoting the second Italian production of works by the Chinese artist, in collaboration with the Italy China Foundation, chaired by Cesare Romiti and with the Asian Studies Group, the cultural-exchange association between Italy and Asia.

With the cooperation of:
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The project by the Chinese artist, who became famous with his Hiding in the City series, has come to life in buildings and places that are of social and historical significance for the history of Italy. These include the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and the La Scala opera house in Milan, but also in St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, and the Conzafelzi Bridge in Venice, all of which are authentic icons of Italian culture.

After the shots he made in Verona in 2008, Palazzo Lombardia, a symbol of Italian modernity, also “posed” in 2010 as the background for Liu Bolin’s “camouflage”. Milan is also the setting chosen for the presentation of the Hiding in Italy project which is to be presented to the Italian and international public in the autumn this year. It is in this city that Forma, the international photography centre and exhibition space set up in synergy by Fondazione Corriere della Sera, Contrasto, and ATM Milano is located.

Boxart Gallery official page

behind the scenes

Bolin in Italy during shooting - The video

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