sabato 15 novembre 2008

Business Japanese: Intensive training and Course

Asian Studies Group presents new training proposal for japanese language

Business Japanese Course
Professional Training

Regular & Intensive Course
Professional Training in Italy & Japan

These courses take place at ASG main office in Milan - Italy

Anyone has got university degree in japanese language or has already quite high speaking level could find our proposal really useful to improve their language knowledges for professional dimension of using japanese.

As we well know about Japanese Language, it's not enough a full and good command of grammar to use concretely and in the right way japanese language during business affairs or professional communication.

So to achieve a real improvement on business communication using japanese language we've arranged, as follows, a particular study program for our members.

Program of 20 hours - Contents:
  • 6 lessons with mothertongue staff: 90 minutes each lesson / reading and conversation's training focused on market, society and job situations - these kind training, almost based on speech, will be very useful to expand personal vocabulary on specific topics concerned about business affairs.

  • 4 lessons with professional business mediators staff skilled on commercial communication: 120 minutes each lesson / examine of business letters / special training focused on composition on business correspondence.

  • Final examination: 2 hours for composition according to vocabulary and rules studied during the course and 1 hours with mothertongue teacher, simulating a job interview in a japanese company or a business negotiation with japanese partners.

Regular Course: 1 lesson every week - Totally 10 weeks of course + final test
Intensive Course: 2 lesson every week - Totally 5 weeks of course + final test

Course Sessions: November - February - April - June

Session Subscriptions on:
  • September / October for November session
  • December /January for February session
  • February / March for April session
  • April / May for June session
After course and examination we also offer for the best student a professional training position and the opportunity to join our multidisciplinary association and professional business network.

In this way it'll be possibile to check and practice the notions exercised during the course.

Professional Training's Contents

  • meetings with the experts for business projects in Japan
  • conducting market research studies and feasibility assessments
  • designing and publishing Japanese websites, Japanese Power Point business presentations
  • interpretation at the meetings.

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